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A bunch of new shows

Haven - Audrey & Nathan
In no particular order:

The last ship: I’ll be honest, I thought the pilot was pretty bad. It got better after that, although I’m not sure how the premise can hold up in the long run. Still, it’s summer and I'm easy, so I’m still watching.

The Divide: I checked it out without any expectation, figuring it’d be just another legal show at worse, but damn, was it good! I love the lead actress and they’re handling their subject matter very well, IMO. Will definitely be watching more!

Matador: Another show I wasn't planning on watching, but I heard good things (the "the show is ridiculous but fun" kind). And you know what? It is ridiculous and it's fun. So I'll keep watching!

I also tried Married and Finding Carter. I watched the first solely for Judy Greer but she wasn't enough to keep me around. One, there just wasn’t enough of her, and two, I really didn’t care about the guy’s "problems". So after two episodes of him moaning about not having sex with his wife, I was out. As for the second, I thought the premise had a lot of potential, but I just can't stand the girl. And do they really have to make the biological mum the bad guy all the time? Don’t get me wrong, I get where Carter is coming from, but there is no denying the fact that the woman who raised her kidnapped her when she was 3. That's the whole point of the show. Carter having zero ambivalence towards her is just weird.

I still need to watch Extant and The Lottery, which for some reason I haven't got around to yet. I need a vacation!


Watching The Honourable Woman

BoB - Winters/Nixon
Which is amazing, by the way, but seriously spoilers up to episode 3Collapse )


I'm still here

The Avengers - Clint
And now for another movie I really REALLY want but that we'll probably never get to see:


New summer shows

SPN - Bonding in progress
Dominion: I was suprised by how much I enjoyed the pilot. Yes, it was a little cheesy at times but who cares! Apocalyptic world! Angels at war! Christopher Egan! I'm in! I also liked Michael a lot and I want ALL THE FICS about those two - gen or slash, I don't care. Give me! Looking forward to more of this.

The Night Shift: I'm still watching - it's not great or anything, but it's a medical show and I'm fairly easy when it comes to those (I just ignore the medicine for the most part). While I couldn't care less about the lead character (so over the troubled guy with no respect for rules), I like the military aspect of the show. Plus it has a gay character in the army (with a boyfriend in Afghanistan whom I'm guessing we'll see soon, since the boyfriend is played by Luke Macfarlane) so for now, I'm in.

Crossbones: I wanted to like this one, because pirates and John Malkovich, but I found it rather boring. And then they introduced a pairing I don't like and that makes no sense whatsoever (IMO anyway) in the second episode, and they lost me completely. Oh well.


This looks amazing!

The Avengers - Clint
I would so watch it!

Random The 100 comment

Haven - OT3
Last week's episode got me thinking, I kinda ship Abby/Kane/Jaha. Anyone else?

Okay then. :)


Hannibal, season 2

Criminal Minds - Hotch
I really enjoyed this season. The game of cat and mouse between Hannibal and Will was riveting, and the two actors are phenomenal together and just a joy to watch. And the finale, OMG, the finale!! Can you imagine if the show hadn't been renewed?!

Also, the Hannibal/Will subtext was everywhere this season, so much that it wasn't even subtext anymore (again, see: the finale).

So happy we're getting a season 3!


Farewell, Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 - shiny
You had a great (if too short) run and I will miss you. Your characters were the best!

I found the finale satisfying, even though I thought spoilers!Collapse )

The Mentalist 6x22

BoB - Easy Company
Colour me unimpressed. Read more...Collapse )


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